There are two ways that I can consult with you and with your organization.

  • Planning: I can consult with you to plan your strategies for improving your culture. I listen to your vision, mission, and the road blocks to achieving your most productive workplace. Then, I work with you to build an action plan to address your needs and take your organization to the next level. You, then, implement the plan.
  • Planning and Implementing: I can help you to design your action plan for achieving your most productive workplace and described in the Planning Consultation plus I can provide on-going support throughout the learning process with your organization. This support will help to ensure long-term success for your stated needs.

Keynote Presentations

My keynote presentations are designed to inspire, engage, and energize the audience. The presentation is built upon your organization’s focus. My goal is to have your organization’s members leave with your mission and message clearly in their minds, see their importance and value in your organization, and re-energized to bring their best to their productivity in the workplace.


My offerings range from single workshops to multiple-day presentations, depending on your organization’s needs. I believe in active engagement and interactivity with participants. Learning is made so much stronger when people take an active part and construct a deeper understanding of the content that I deliver.

One of the first steps that I take is to find out my clients' needs. I then build my presentation to address those needs to achieve maximum results.

Reflection and action plans are key components in my work. By reflecting on what they have learned and creating actionable "next steps", participants design a meaningful path forward to continue what they have learned in my sessions.

My Framework

My educational and professional background includes Social Work, Education, and the Performing Arts. It has been my social work perspective that has been at the foundation of my work in each of those areas throughout my career.

  • What I Do: I lead and accompany organizations and individuals on their journey to be the best they can be in creating and sustaining positive and authentically-inclusive workplace environments.
  • How I Do It: Through active engagement, interactivity with participants, and focused reflection, I tailor each approach to address the needs of the organization to achieve maximum results. Depending on the organization's needs, I engage participants in discussions, real-life scenarios, reflection, and action plans.
  • Why I Do It: A guiding principle of my life is that people want to be the best version of themselves. The work that I engage in with you creates the opportunity for individuals and organizations to develop and sustain the awareness, knowledge, and skills to create and sustain an authentically-inclusive environment. This environment enables each person to be the best they can be enroute to creating an inclusive, supportive, productive workplace culture.

Organizations that I Work With

  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Work Agencies
  • Educational Systems
  • Health Care Organizations
  • Community Organizations

Let's Talk about Your Needs