My Approach

A Model for Success

My business model is built on my core belief that leaders require support during times of change. The model addresses: awareness, action, sustainability, and follow-up. Each of these elements is built upon the foundation of intentionality and healthy organizational culture and climate improvement.


Assess Awareness

Assess stated needs and build awareness.


Build Action

Design a plan tailored to specific needs.


Create Sustainability

Develop action plans to implement ongoing improvement.


Follow Up

Provide ongoing support to key leadership through all phases.



Intentionality & Organizational Culture and Climate Improvement 

Case Studies 

  • An urban middle school in the southwestern section of the country contracted me to present the keynote address to their annual cultural education conference. Two months prior to the cultural education conference I had in-depth conversations with members of the faculty planning committee (school counselors, teachers, and building principal) to discuss goals and the overall scope of the day.

  • I was contracted by a medium size US city to present a series of employee centered workshops focusing on the impact of implicit bias in the workplace. These workshops were designed to satisfy a portion of the diversity training requirements for city workers.