Why Choose Dr. David Parker?

Dr. David Parker brings decades of experience collaborating with corporate and nonprofit organizations to create and sustain communities defined by authentic inclusion where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are respected and people are treated with an intentional sense of value. Through customized workshops, Dr. Parker gently helps participants learn about and actively build this kind of environment.


Assess Awareness

Assess stated needs and build awareness.


Build Action

Design a plan tailored to specific needs.


Create Sustainability

Develop action plans to implement ongoing improvement.

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Consulting & Workshops

The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging. Learning is made more meaningful through discussions, conversations, and guided reflections which help participants to construct new understandings, perspectives, and knowledge.

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David is the author of the "BEST ME I Can BE!" book series for children published by Scholastic, Inc. The 32-book BEST ME series is designed to empower children and encourage conversations about character development with the adults in their lives. More than four million of the BEST ME books have been sold worldwide.

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